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Here at Chiropractic Health & Rehabilitation of Murfreesboro

We use a specialized Gentle Hands-on Approach Achieving FAST Pain Relief & Recovery through the latest in Chiropractic Treatments, Soft Tissue Muscular Therapy, Rehabilitation Exercises, & Posture Body Biomechanic Re-Education.


Here at Chiropractic Health and Rehabilitation of Murfreesboro we specialize in conditions of the musculoskeletal system and nerve disorders. These include various major and minor disorders of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, spinal discs, and all the joints throughout the body. Issues arise from daily traumas & stress we put on our body that can lead to a host of long-term problems.

 But you don’t have to live with these painful issues any longer!

 Our treatment programs are personalized for your specific health needs & goals. We use only the latest treatment protocols to successfully treat numerous conditions throughout the body. Here are only a few conditions we successful treat…


-Neck, Back, & Pelvic Pain

-Headaches & Migraines

-Sciatica / Radiating Pain, Tingling, & Numbness

-Shoulder, Knee, & Extremity Pain

-Herniated Spinal Discs & Disc Bulge Symptoms

Arthritis is known by many names and is associated with over 100 diseases and conditions, many originating from autoimmune & trauma. With over 46 million Americans suffering with either self-reported or physician-diagnosed arthritis it is one of the most common cause of disability that limits ones daily activities and quality of life.

Here at Chiropractic Health & Rehabilitation of Murfreesboro we look at a broad spectrum of issues and address them in various ways to minimize damage, slow the pace of the condition, and ease your pain. We want to get the joints comfortable thus aiding in your day-to-day activities.

We accomplish this by improving joint mobility, minimizing joint pain – pressure, and improving range of motion / maintaining your joint flexibility by using…

Joint Adjustments – Resulting in greater ease of movement and decreased fluid buildup in the joints that often accompany arthritic conditions.

Ultrasound Therapy – Produces a massaging effect that helps reduce swelling and decrease pain and stiffness.

Therapeutic Exercises and Stretches – Designed specifically for people with arthritis to promote strength and endurance. These activities can be done in the office or at home.

Electrical Stimulation – Stimulate pain-inhibiting chemicals in the human body, also known as endorphins, which block the nerve fibers that are responsible for pain.

Ever wonder why every professional sports team has its own team chiropractor –including your very own Tennessee Titans & Nashville Predators? It’s because chiropractic helps alleviate those nagging injuries however big or small and gives you an edge over your competitors.

Whether your an weekend warrior, training for your first walk/run 5k, or have college sports in your future Chiropractic Health & Rehabilitation of Murfreesboro can help you.

All movement of your body is ran by your central nervous system. It is responsible for split-second muscle activation, reflexes / organ function, and sensing nociception or pain. When there are dysfunctions or injuries peak performance may not be achieved.

We use an integrated personalized treatment system consisting of chiropractic adjustments, sport specific soft tissue muscle treatments, rehabilitation exercises, & training / nutrition consulting to using successfully treat:


  • Neck, Back, Pelvic Pain
  • Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Wrist Pain, Hand Pain
  • Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle, Foot Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Soft Tissue / Fibrous Muscular Adhesions
  • Sprains / Strains
  • Trigger Points
  • Tendinitis
  • Pain with Gait / Walking / Running
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


We restore mobility & bodily function to your joints, muscles, and your nervous system which will alleviate your injuries, enhance your coordination, & help you attain your peak performance. 

Call or give us a Holla and find-out how our treatment system can help you. (615) 624-9052.

Pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences a woman can have in her life. The body transforms greatly in preparation for the miracle of new life. It affects every cell and every part of your body—from your hair to your toenails. Here’s a few things to expect and what to do about it.

-Congestion & runny noses can occur from increases in blood volume. Try using a saline spray to clear out the mucus or a neti pot.

-Low back & Pelvic pains are a common occurrence during pregnancy, as ligaments and tendons throughout your body stretch as your body releases a hormone called Relaxin to accommodate the growing baby and to allow the baby out during labor. This can lead to achiness and even sever pain, particularly in the lower abdomen and low back. Traditional medication might not be a wanted option and chiropractic joint treatments can relieve these issues.

-Leg cramps can become sudden or tingling feelings that something is crawling on your legs or have an uncontrollable urge to move your legs, particularly at night. Adding potassium, stretching your legs before bed, getting regular exercise can help, and chiropractic rehabilitation therapy can all help reduce these symptoms.

-Round ligament pain feels like a brief, sharp, stabbing pain or a longer-lasting dull ache that pregnant women commonly feel in the lower abdomen or groin, typically starting in the second trimester. Our in office gentle soft tissue treatments which help alleviate these symptoms.

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms occur when you feel tingling or numbness in your hands. It is a condition normally associated with repetitive hand movements however the extra fluid and swelling that comes with pregnancy can also cause these symptoms. Here at Chiropractic Health and Rehabilitation we teach you at home exercises to help improve these symptoms.

You want your body to be at its optimal function during pregnancy. We can prepare your body so your labor can go as smoothly as possible. Our treatments can alleviate a multitude of symptoms helping you before and after your magical gift of life.

A Few Reasons To Love Us

Here are a few reasons why Chiropractic Health and Rehabilitation of Murfreesboro are one of the best in Middle Tennessee



Dr. Jeremy Gonsowski is an awarded chiropractic physician, whose mission is to provide the best community healthcare possible by using a personalized integrated treatment program to help you achieve your healthcare needs and goals.


We use a personalized evidence based program where everyone receives Gentle Chiropractic Joint Treatments, Muscular Soft Tissue Therapy, Rehabilitation Exercises, Spinal Disc Decompression Traction, Ultrasound, and Posture / Nutrition / Exercise / Wellness Consults.


Whether it's a new issue or a long standing problem we can help you with Neck & Back Pain, Headaches, Chronic Extremity Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Tendinitis, Prenatal Pregnancy Issues, Posture, and More. We even treat Children!

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A Little Bit About Our Founder


My name is Dr. Jeremy Gonsowski and my chiropractic journey started after a severe muscle strain in a High School soccer game. The injury caused a fracture in my hip and resulted in severe low back pain from the trauma. After a trip to the hospital my back pain continued. Shortly after I tried a local chiropractor where I received chiropractic adjustments , soft tissue treatments, & rehabilitation and rest is pain free history.

After graduation from Marshall University, I continued my passion for sports, helping others, and chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. My passion was rewarded with an internship at the Palmer College Sports & Rehabilitation Department. I was very active at school and even did a clinical rotation at Iowa Veterans Administration Hospital.  My hard work paid off and upon graduation I was decorated with a Diagnostic Merit Award and achieved the only Clinical Excellence award for my graduating class.

Upon graduation I honed my skills in Southeastern Kentucky where I was honored to receive 2014 Best of Best chiropractic award in Laurel County. Shortly after, my wife and I along with our two rowdy cats, decided to make the move to  middle Tennessee. Here, I will continue using my passion to help others in Murfreesboro by relieving pain, increasing joint movement, and helping overall health. I enthusiastically look forward to working with you and your family on your journey to great health!


"I had terrible low back pain that shot down my leg daily while driving. Dr. G allowed me to have pain free work days in a few visits.

- Nick P. FedEx Delivery Driver -

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